Are you allowed to work in South Africa? Work Permits explained.

Work permits are required for all foreign nationals wanting to work in South Africa. There are several types outlined here but more information can be gathered at the Home Affairs website -

The first type of permit is a Quota Work Permit, this is one of a pre-determined number of visas issued by the South African government as part of its economic growth plan. It is designed to address a shortage of skilled workers in certain fields, e.g. engineers and technicians.

The second type of permit is a General Work Permit, which is issued to foreign workers with general qualifications outside of those in the quota system.

The third type is the Exceptional Skills Work Permit, this is for highly skilled or exceptionally qualified individuals.

The last type is the Intra-Company Transfer Work Permit, this is for employees of companies with a branch in South Africa who want to move to a position in that office.

Like many countries around the world employers wishing to bring in foreign staff will have to prove that local workers cannot fill the role. In practice this means generally that low skilled foreign nationals are unlikely to be approved for work permits.
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